How does APEX work ? Explain with an example

A developer wrote some code (text a = new text();) and saves it in Salesforce. The compiler checks and alerts compile time errors if any. In this case, text is an invalid datatype – Apex uses String as a valid data type. So the developer may fix this with new code (String a=new String();). Upon successful saving, the developer may run this code from a visual force page. The interpreter may check...

How does APEX work ?

A developer writes a piece of code and saves it in Salesforce. Apex Compiler checks the compile-time errors and forces the developer to fix them if any. Once resolved, this compiled code is saved as metadata in ready for execution state.

Further, when the piece of code is called from somewhere, Apex interpreter check for runtime error and on successful interpretation it returns the desired result.

What is strongly typed?

A language in which each variable or constant must be defined with one of the data types in advance before using them is known as a strongly typed language. Also, you can’t change the type of data once it is defined. Example: integer a = 5; // This is a valid strongly typed statement. You have to define data type of ‘a’ in advance in apex, java, etc. var a; // This is not valid strongly typed as...

What is Apex?

Apex is a strongly typed object-oriented programming language in salesforce. Triggers, batches, classes, APIs and other backend logics are built on apex.

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