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The status of a batch job is showing as processing, but no batches have been executed yet. What should I do?

You need not do anything. As no batches are executed, means the job is executing the start method and due to a heavy number of records or inappropriate or bad filters, the query is taking a lot of time to execute. Generally, you will get results once data is fetched or you will receive an error, just wait. If the results are not returned within 10 minutes, system will automatically throw an error...

My batch class status is showing as Holding for a long time. What should I do?

When the jobs are submitted to the system for execution but enough resources are not available for the jobs to run, then the system pushes such jobs into flex queues with holding status. THere could be a bunch of jobs running simultaneously, so once all those jobs clear out, your holding job will automatically be picked by the system from flex queues for processing.

Differentiate insert and Database.insert()

While inserting a list, insert errors out the whole list when even a single record is errored out and the operation fails on the whole. The system is reverted to the previous state whereas database.insert will only error out the records which have errors and rest will be inserted into the system.

Describe Database.Batchable.

Batchable is an interface which consists of Start, Execute and Finish methods signature to be implemented by the implementing class. These methods are designed in such a way that they can handle really large data sets. Start fetches all data and provides smaller chunks to execute. Execute keep executing these smaller chunks in a bulkified way. Once done, finish does it’s post-execution...

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