What is a bulkified trigger?

A trigger which can handle a single or a millions of records very effectively and efficiently is known as bulkified trigger. Instead of updating an object one by one, you can pour all the objects in a list and update the list just once. This is a just an example of a bulkified trigger.

A trigger is calling a number of times in the same apex transaction. How can we restrict the execution to only once?

When the trigger is following recursion, you can restrict it by using a static variable defined in another other class. Once the trigger is called, make the value of the static variable false and keep a check over the trigger so that it is not called again.

Trigger accttrigger on account(before insert){


    //body of trigger

Runonce = false;



Consider this code: Trigger Accounttrigger on Account(before update){ ListaccList = new List(); For(account a :{ // business logic accList.add(a); } Update acclist; } Is the best practice followed, or it would it require some changes?

In a trigger, the best practice is to update the list instead of creating a new list and updating it. Thing is will always be updated into the system by trigger. So instead of making a second update call, why don’t we put the desired values in trigger?new and let it update automatically in the system. This way can make sure our code will never break.

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