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How to create a table in vf page with headers?

<table> <th> <apex:repeat value=’{!listHeaders}’ var=’item’> <td>For headers</td> </apex:repeat> </th> <tr> <apex:repeat value=’{!list}’ var=’item’> <td>For data</td> </apex:repeat> </tr> </table> This is one of the way of creating tables. Repeat is used as a loop. First repeat creates a header row and then next...

There is a long form which multiple sections. Each section consists of a button to save the values entered in the current section and move on to fill the other section. But whenever a save button is clicked, the whole form is sent to the server for saving and so it takes a lot of time to return from the server. Can we achieve a functionality where only the current section should be sent for saving, and other sections should be ignored? If this is achieved, we will be saving a lot of users’ time and patience. How can we do it ?

We can use ActionRegion to get this job done. When actionRegion is used,
only the tags included within the actionRegion are processed by the server
hence saving a lot of efforts.

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