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Well, personally I have given tens of interviews in the Salesforce Domain and have been a on an interview panel multiple times as well. During this time, there is something peculiar that I observed when I was sitting and judging in an interview panel.

There are people who have lots of knowledge in Salesforce but are unable to structure their words / sentences well that is causing them to get tensed and fail the interview / not impress everyone on the panel. I know if someone is Technically strong and can perform the job duties effectively but since Communication in today’s world is such an important aspect of everyone’s lives, developers / technically strong people are not an exemption anymore.

Hence, I created this website for everyone to get a good understanding of various topics in Salesforce along with getting to know how to answer interview questions the right away and a good approach to answers. There will be all sorts of questions covered along with the answers and the best way to answer them.

Most of these questions are from my personal experience but some of them will also be mashed up questions from the Web as well with my personal take on answering those questions.

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